3N Bike Lane

These innovative structures are modular, reconfigurable, reusable.

All around the world, bicycles and new “corporal vehicles” are quickly gaining ground as the transportation of choice, if they weren’t already. The reasons are clear: they’re exceedingly efficient and green, they are cheap, quick and they keep you healthy. Their one big drawback is that some folks are (justifiably) skittish about sharing the roads with multi-ton masses of steel moving at great velocities. While bike lanes that skirt normal roadways are better than nothing, they still leave cyclists pretty exposed.

What if there were separate, elevated lanes just for bikes, able to fly over big crossroad and most dangerous areas?

The life of these structures is meant to be short, just until cars give way to the new generation of urban vehicles, and affected by many arrangements.
For this reason the project involves the whole life-cycle of these infrastructures. Thanks to parametric design and mass production, the design to completion timing is minimised and all elements can be easily reconfigured over time or sold in the global market when disused.

2XL, together with the AJS Team, has made this idea a product, flexible, fast, adaptable to any urban or natural context, wherever there is an issue about new age mobility.

First installation of this new mobility system, has been proposed in London to give continuity to Regent Channel’s bike path. Waterways represent today a great opportunity as continuous and free spaces in our city centres, perfect to be transformed into new green infrastructure!


PROJECT TEAM   2XL Architects (architecture), AJS (structure system)