Cap Royal

The development of Cap Royal area represents a unique opportunity for Casablanca from the urban point of view.
Located very close to downtown, along the main expansion of the city, this 28-hectare promontory is still completely devoid of planning.
Driven by private co-owners of the area, the project aims to make Cap Royal the new centre of attraction of the city, both for locals as an outlet of the congested city behind it, and for tourists or for companies from all over the world interested in the great opportunities in Morocco.

The project proposes a new model of sustainable development, in which the entertainment functions are mixed with the business ones and traditional infrastructure with green paths, more suitable to new ways of living the city.
In addition to the more traditional urban functions, the project introduces in the area the new National Museum of Islamic Art, the second largest mosque in the city, a huge Central Park and almost 2 km of waterfront with facilities.

PROJECT TEAM   2XL (architecture), NeoOne Facilities (developer)