Romont Aquatic Centre

The landscape that surrounds the historical town of Romont is characterised mostly by small buildings with pitched roofs, with a sproud diffusion or organised in small groups, blurring the village into the countryside with a great landscape value.
In this context, and especially in the surrounding area of ​​the project, some out of scale buildings stand out, functional “boxes” belonging to the old urban suburb models, weakening the landscape equilibrium of this place.

The aim of the project is to retrieve a more sustainable approach by breaking down the requested volume necessary to fit the program, which would have a strong impact on the territory if organised as a unique construction, in lower volumes, each dedicated to a specific function.

To better blend into the surrounding landscape Romont, the volumes are carved from sloped roofs and they are disposed to checkerboard in order to create different courtyards, maximising the indoor/outdoor building relation.

The other project strategy is to remove as much as possible the sports complex from the main road, Route d’Arruffens, creating a buffer-zone used as a city park and sliding volumes downstream, in order to decrease the perceived pitch.
Finally, the closest to the road volumes are progressively lower, so as to limit the impact of buildings and, most of all, not compromising the view to the other side of the valley.