Studying in park

The small pavilion where the Vercelli Provincial high school special laboratories will take place aspires to become a new model for the expansions that are becoming necessary for all Italian school buildings, often surrounded by parks but normally devoid of any relation to the outside environment.

The project appears innovative both for the criteria of environmental sustainability, that label the building as passive, and for the maximization of the indoor-outdoor relationship, brought to the extreme in this project.

The single classrooms, closed and protected, are scattered inside the park and the covered square that distributes them, slightly elevated to the country floor, appears in total continuity with the external environment from which it is separated by transparent diaphragms in glass.

Students will be able to enjoy the beneficial effects of being outdoors even during educational activities, or just in the few minutes between one lesson and the next one, experiencing the healthy feeling of “studying in park”.

2XL (architecture / landscape), (principal / Educational program), FC Progetti (engineering)